Fly rods

L.H. Design offers a standard programme of fly rods which includes the following models: downloads the standard programme of rods including price list here. These rods all have a pleasant, moderate action. Some models, however, (indicated by (*)) have a significantly stiffer action.

All these rods were designed over a period of years and a lifetime of experience has gone into the development of them. They are in use all over the world and have proved to be highly reliable fishing instruments.

Other models

Besides the standard programme a wide range of spinning rods, Salmon Fly rods and a range of Carp rods has been developed. Should you be interested in purchasing any of these rods: special offers are available upon request.

Please note that the price list gives prices for the rods in a standard version, i.e. these rods will be constructed from the bamboo Arundinaria Amabilis Mc.Clure, split and hand-planed. With nickel silver ferrules and high quality hardchrome rings.

The rods have all been dip varnished two or three times. Every rod comes with one tip in a tasteful rod bag with L.H. Design logo.

Special offers

L.H. Design also provides for special wishes clients might have. It is possible for us to develop a special taper or to use a special colour of wrapping silk, special rings, special wood (reel seat) and so on and so forth. Furthermore it is possible for clients to order the finest handmade leather rod tubes. For a number of customers exclusive velvet-lined mahogany boxes with engraved brass plate were made, sometimes for different rods or rod and reel combinations.

For such orders special offers will be made. Subsequently, an agreement will be drawn up containing all the details of the order, including terms of delivery. There is a seperate charge for special engravings. Some of the pictures will show that I started flaming the bamboo. This is an option on all rods at no extra charge.

Mirror shine on Tungsten stripping guides

With a special grinding/polishing tool I succeeded to achieve a mirror -like shine at the inner surface of my Tungsten stripping guides, which I use on my top line of light fly rods. This means a classic, minimal look combined with a full protection of ANY fly line. The danger of a lost or damaged ring being avoided.
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Personal favorites

As a last point of interest I would like to draw your attention to some of the listed models that are special to me, personally. A rod builder sometimes finds that after designing and building a rod he immediately develops a great liking for it. This was the case with the following models:

  • the 7 Ft # 5 (*) (2-piece and 3-piece model). Genuine general purpose rods. These are the rods to accompany you on most fishing trips. The 3-piece version was developed from the 2-piece model. They are powerful rods, but sensitive. Highly recommended.
  • the 61/2 Ft range 3-piece # 1/2, # 2/3 and # 3/4. Very similar to the above rods, i.e. similar in character. Medium action. They are not "distance rods", but are wonderful light casting instruments.
  • the 7'9" # 5 3-piece. A powerful rod, yet with very accurate casting.
  • the 10 Ft 3-piece # 7 and 11 Ft 3-piece #8.Last, but certainly not least. These rods are both two-handed rods. Excellent for fishing medium sized salmon and sea trout in classic style. A pleasure to cast.

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New Reel Seats November 2017

I have recently been working in partnership with my fishing companion and fellow rod builder, Otto Rinia to develop a new series of reel seats. The resulting reel seats are of classic design but there is also something special to mention. Many hardware components on reel seats are described as "Titanium look" or "Titanium coated" but believe me: there is not much Titanium in them.

The reel seat hardware we designed and produced is entirely made from Titanium Grade 2. Additionally, we installed 24K gold plated, bronze locking nuts. These reel seats will still look brand new after many years of use, even in saltwater. Your also have the option of choosing your preferred spacer material from a range of precious woods.

Most spacers are impregnated and will be resistant to water and atmospheric influences. The new reel seats come in five diameters: 22 mm, 20 mm, 19 mm, 18 mm, and 17 mm. The 17 mm model features a single 24K gold plated bronze locking nut. These reel seats will only be installed on L.H. Design and O.Rinia Rods and are not offered separately. The pictures will give an impression of the five models with different (optional) spacers.