New Stocklist April 2020

Reels immediately available:

  • Item #1: An Amber Trout # 4/5 Wt.

    Classic reel with full transparent PEI sideplates. Clicker only. Reel features a serpentine style S crank and comes in a POLARTEC fleece pouch Very stylish classic reel, good looking on a bamboo rod.

    € 1675,-

  • Item #2: Two L.H.Design Lightweight reels

    Two L.H.Design Lightweight reels with both spool options.

    Price for reel with standard spool:
    € 595,-

    Price for palming rim spool:
    € 615,-

    Price for seperate standard spool:
    € 165,-

    Price for seperate palming rim spool:
    € 185,-

  • Item #3: B series 6/7 Wt. model with the original SYNTEX drag system

    This drag system is currently only still used in the Beaverkill style reels. Diameter reel 80 mm. Width 33 mm.

    € 1903,- SOLD

Rods immediately available:

In the making: to be finished during 2020 / spring 2021

Orders can be placed on the following reels:

  • Item #5: Amber Salmon 7/9 Wt. large capacity reel

    Transparent sideplates made from PEI. The reel features a classic S crank and customized engraving (s) can be ordered. The most exclusive Salmon Reel we offer. This reel comes in a sheepskin pouch. Diameter 98 mm. Weight 410 grams. Width 34 mm.

    € 2500,- SOLD

  • Item #6: 5 Pillar Arrowhead 7/8 Wt.

    5 Pillar Arrowhead 7/8 Wt. with TUFNOL cage ring and a full Titanium spool and a spare Spool made from PEI. Diameter reel 85 mm. Also available with one spool at your choice. This reel comes in a POLARTEC fleece pouch.

    Price with PEI spool:
    € 1725,-

    Price with Titanium spool:
    € 1925,-

    Price for seperate PEI spool:
    € 425,-

    Price for seperate Titanium spool:
    € 625,-

  • Item #7: A very exclusive set of three full Titanium 5 pillar Arrowhead reels

    A 3/4 Wt., a 5/6 Wt. and a 6/7 Wt. model. Freehand engraved with standard text in an ebony wooden box with a lining of lime wood. The box features a triangular freehand engraved Titanium plate with standard text and a fly at your choice.

    € 6700,-

  • Item #8: Two of the famous hubless L.H. Design Highland reels

    Both 3/5 Wt. models with standard engraving. Freehand engravings are optional. A customized design can be made for these reels and I will make a special offer for each separate design.

    € 1975,- SOLD

  • Item #9: A Beaverkill Style reel in it's presentation box

    A Beaverkill Style reel in it's presentation box, box made from mahagony and lined with lime wood with a freehand engraved triangular Titanium plate on top. This reel needs no further comment.

    € 5532,-

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