If you would be interested in more specific information about my bamboo fly rods or titanium fly reels, or in rod/reel combinations do not hesitate to contact me.

This can be done in different ways:

Of course you are always welcome to send me a (handwritten) letter. Serious questions will all be answered.


When a number of reels is ordered, we are able to deliver this order with an exclusive showcase. This showcase can be made of polycarbonate (modern) or of mahogany and glass (classic). Both are equipped with quartz iodine lamps for a perfect presentation.


Prices of reels will be quoted seperately with every order depending on customizing (especially engravings) and fluctuating titanium prices. Every order will be dealt with by me personally and you are always welcome to visit the workshop.


Our stocklist items are mostly immediately available. It is however possible that we place items on this list that are still being made but will be completed in the short term. Most of our orders are placed directly by customers as chosen from our website, most times customized: special models, special engravings etc. etc.

Some customers prefer to be updated with the progress of their order and for this reason we are willing to send you a small number of workshop pictures of the making process. In all cases we will provide exact terms of delivery and normally a 50% deposit is requiered.


When an order is ready to be delivered we will provide our banking info, L.H.Design Europe or L.H.Design Worldwide. It is also possible to effect payment by use of PayPal. In that case we will send you a PayPal invoice, including a charge of 3% for the PayPal service.