New Stocklist 2021

I have some very exciting items for you to look at and, who knows, perhaps even acquire. All of my reels and rods are crafted here in Tjerkwerd and have a piece of my soul in them. After four decades, when one leaves the workshop after multiple hours of effort, they start to feel like family members!

  • Item #1: Just Finished! An Amber Salmon Reel 7/9 Wt.

    This reel is available for immediate delivery. It is a beautiful piece, perfect in every way and it is a bit of a milestone in that I will only make one of these occasionally, in any case not more than once in two years. The reel comes in a sheepskin pouch and if you would like it have it in a wooden presentation box of ebony lined with lime wood, this is perfectly possible too. The reel diameter is 98 mm, weight 470 grams, spool diameter 91 mm and the width is 34 mm.

    The price of the reel with the sheepskin pouch is €2750 and if you'd like to have the wooden presentation box as well, let me know and I will quote you a fair price.

  • Item #2: LH Design Lightweight Special

    For all you ultralight fly fishers, I have listened to what you've been asking and now offer you something very special but fully functional. This reel is downsized from the standard Lightweight which is 71 mm to 64 mm and it is a true 4 Wt.

    I've left the backplate solid so you can decide for customised freehand engraving if that appeals or, if you wish, I can also drill the backplate as per the standard Lightweight. Your choice!

    With the standard PEI spool, the reel is €595 but if you would prefer a spool with a palming rim, then €615. Additional spools can be purchased at €165 for the standard version and €185 for the palming spool.

  • Item #3: Another Modified LH Design Lightweight

    This one is downscaled even further to 60 mm and it is perfect for 1 or 2 Wt lines. Prices the same as Item #2 above.

  • Item #4: A Super Sea Trout Spinning Rod (but perfect for all similar species!)

    Those of you who know me wil, also know that I'm passionate about fishing for Sea Trout. After many years of research and development, I came up with this rod which I consider to be the perfect tool for medium sized lures sof up to 18 gms. It's like a spring and I highly recommend it! 8 ft, 2 piece rod, Price is €1000.

  • Item #5: Another Very Special Spinning Rod

    This is an 8 ft spinning rod in a 3 piece format so easy to transport. It handles casting weights up to 15 grams, very pleasant action and is also very effective for Sea Trout; equally for Pike and other predatory species. Very few cane rod makers attempt spinning rods as tapers are more complex; I spent a long time perfecting this one! Price is €1292.

  • Item #6: A 5-6 Weight Fly Rod You Should Pause To Look At!

    This is an asymmetrical rod meaning the top half is longer than the bottom which accommodates the action I wished to create without the compromise of a flat spot around a ferrule in the middle. It's a very sweet rod and definitely one of my best designs. And for a good price too! €863.

  • Item #7: Two Highland Reels

    The reels will not be engraved as standard but you will have the option of freehand engraving which I urge you to consider! Both will be the 3/4/5 Wt Models.

    Until now, I considered these reels as being prototype in nature but am now convinced that they are now only 100% reliable in daily use but also real eye-catchers! The frame and spool are machined from solid Titanium Grade 2 and the bearing is a Kaydon Slimline; this might not mean anything to you but please Google it as these are the Rolls Royce's of bearings! Very difficult to source and very expensive too!

    Unengraved, the reels will be €2115 each.

  • Item #8: 5 Pillar Arrowhead Reel

    During July 2021, I will finish this reel with a TUFNOL cage ring on the back side and Ti cage ring on the handle side.

    It will have a PEI spool and will accommodate a 7 or 8 weight line. This reel is one of my personal favourites and it has beautiful lines.

    Price is €1775.

  • Item #9: The Piece de Resistance!

    This is a set of Three Full Grade 2 Titanium Arrowhead Reels in an Ebony Box lined with Lime Wood. A timeless collection in a timeless box. To be honest, I am not likely to make many of these if any at all so if you're interested, give me a call! Price is €6700.

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