Stocklist 2024

Note: all wraps on all rods are clear, transparent wraps, no colour preserver applied on any rod! And, secondly: all rod bags are tailored bags, handmade by Ella, my lifetime companion!

  • Item #1

    Fly Rod, QUAD! 7 Ft 6", #4, 2 pc., 1 tip. In tailored rod bag.
    Rod performs with a medium/soft action and would work very good with a #4 silk line. Wraps sunburst with double dark blue tippings. End cap with sliding ring and Thuya wood spacer. The picture shows the rod with a 2/3 Wt. L.H.D. lightweight reel.

    Prices rod: €1086, rod/reel combo: €1951

  • Item #2

    Fly Rod, 8 Ft, QUAD! #6/7 and 3 pc. with 1 tip, in tailored rod bag.
    Wraps and tippings in green with black (picture) exclusive titanium reel seat with one gilded locking nut. Very beautiful impregnated green wooden spacer.

    Price: €1617

  • Item #3

    Fly rod, QUAD! 7 Ft. 2 pc., 1 tip, in rod bag.
    Assymetrical rod. I can highly recommend this rod. Very direct rod that will cast a 5 Wt. amazingly. Guides: aLL guides are MINIMA guides: extremely light and effective!

    Price: €1044

  • Item #4

    The same rod as in item 3 but this is the original HEX configuration.
    Wraps: sunburst with 3!! tippings. Full Wells grip, reel seat maple with full titanium hardware and gilded locking nut. The rod comes with 1 tip, in rod bag.

    Price: €949

  • Item #5

    Fly Rod 8 Ft, # 6/7, HEX rod! #6/7, with 2 tips, 3 pc. rod in rod bag.
    Univeral rod. You will love it. Look at the picture of the reel seat with 2 gilded locking nuts!! And maple spacer.

    Price: €1485 (rod with 2 tips)

  • Item #6

    2 L.H.D. Lightweight models, a 2/3 Wt and a 3/5 Wt.
    The 2/3 Wt will hold a #4 line.

    Prices are equal for all lightweight models: €865 for each set, consisting of a frame and one standard spool plus one spool with a palming rim.

  • Item #7

    5 Pillar Arrowhead reel.
    Currently working on a 5 Pillar Arrowhead. I love this reel!!! Sea Trout, Steelhead or light Salmon fishing. Pike fishing too!! 85 mm. diameter. 7/8 Wt. with lots of backing. The reel still has to be engraved (in any style).

    Price: €2250 (freehand engraving optional, price quoted separately depending on complexity and style).

  • Item #8

    A superb 80 mm B series reel, rated 7/8 Wt.
    In the making: a superb 80 mm B series reel, rated 7/8 Wt. The all time L.H.D. classic. This reel needs no further comment.

    Price: €2185 (also with this reel: freehand engraving optional).